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My name is Danielle and I am a 1 year cancer survivor, My story began in July 2017, I was admitted to hospital due to a very sharp pain on my left lung, X-rays were done and results came back showing that I had pneumonia, They put me on several IV antibiotics, but after a few weeks with no improvement, they took me to theatre for a bronchoscope of which the results showed something suspicious.I was then scheduled for a CAT SCAN and the results confirmed I had cancer, and that was in August 2017.

Dr Mboyi came to my rescue of which she suggested I be transferred from Brenthurst hospital to Busamed hospital whereby I was scheduled to go for Radiation which was for 20 days,I was then given some rest to heal from Radiation for the whole of September 2017. Then chemotherapy was scheduled for October 2017 whereby I was to go for my treatment every after 3 weeks, at first the treatment was okay I did not have any problem, I underwent 8 cycles and during my 6th session I started experiencing problems fell sick, had non­stop headaches, fatigue, sore muscles and joints and the worst of all nausea but I managed to keep it under  control, I was forced to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise and to take good care of my self with the support I had from my family, and the nurses in hospital but more especially the love and care I got from the nurses from my doctors rooms Theresa and Marcia, They were so loving and caring and they still are I wish for  them to keep it up with the great job they are always doing especially with their patients, As for my treating doctor Dr Mboyi herself! am really grateful that she became my doctor I was through her job well done that I’m still alive and kicking and that everything is just going too well on my side, I love the facility, hospitality and I wouldn’t even ask for more than to praise and worship all that Dr Mboyi and her team has already
done for me I really am thankful and grateful for everything and if anyone is to be diagnosed with cancer I’d just recommend that they make an appointment to go visit my beloved and hard working oncologist and her team at parkland clinic, it is with great pleasure to say that I’ll forever be thankful for the love care and  kindness I experienced at parklane oncology department (Dr Mboyis Room)

Thank you so much for everything

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